Tax Hunt

Growing Client Wealth

Tax is among the largest manageable expenses. A strong VP Tax leading a strong team can increase the value of your company while mitigating tax risk. Does your tax team have the strength to grow your company’s wealth?

Tax Hunt. Be deliberate.


To grow client wealth by attracting and securing value-creating Tax VPs and their senior teams.

  • For CFOs and Tax Leadership
  • VP & senior team — $175K+
  • Fastest premium service
  • Emotions controlled
  • Greater Montreal

Tax Hunt Roles:

  • VP Tax
  • Directors
  • Managers
  • Subject Matter Experts

Tax Hunt is a structured service dedicated to the tax function. We hunt, attract, assess and secure the strongest candidates while mitigating recruitment risk.


Knowing Who to Call

Our asset to ensure full market coverage is our rolodex, built one call at a time over 20 years. That’s a lot of calls. We’ve gotten to know everybody in our niche, thousands, including the strongest players out there.  And they know us too.

We talk to the right ones.


Telling Your Story

We are street smart and we like the sell. We tell your story, we detail your company’s selling points to the right people . . . and we do it with business sense, depth and a little bit of humour. We get the strongest candidates that the market offers in front of you.

And fast.


Controlling for Emotions

We leverage good judgement by controlling for emotions in candidate assessment. We run every candidate through advanced, predictive psychometric testing. Success in any job is overwhelmingly predicted by a combination of only three factors: aptitude, orderliness and industriousness.

So that’s what we focus on.


Closing, Motivating, Retaining

At senior levels the worst approach is a one size fits all. We help you design a package that’s right for the role’s risk profile, the successful candidate’s risk profile including their specific life circumstances, and is current with the market.

Get it right.


The Basics – Knowing Who To Call

20 years in our niche means we’ve learned who the strong players are . . . and the other ones too. We spend your time and ours talking to right people. We do efficient and fast.

We keep the basics basic:

  • Our custom database of 2500 $175K+ Greater Montreal tax professionals coded by specialty, level and years of experience
  • We are hunters with a detailed map
  • Every mandate gets full Greater Montreal market coverage for your review and participation in the search process

Fastest premium service in town

The Art – Telling Your Story

We are street smart and we like the hunt. We tell your story, detail your company’s uniqueness to the right people . . . and we do it with business sense, depth and a little humour. We get the strongest candidates that the market offers in front of you, and fast. We tell your story.

The right people need to hear a compelling pitch:

  • We deliver strong messages, from an understanding of the big lines of your industry, to your company’s competitive profile, to the role’s success metrics and day-to-day deliverables.
  • We are finance people, we are business people and we like the hunt.

You get one good shot. Who’s telling your story?

The Science – Controlling for Emotions

We have good judgement and so do you. We leverage that gift of judgement with advanced, predictive psychometric testing to eliminate bias, the #1 recruitment pitfall and part of the human condition. We control for emotions.

Cognitive aptitude is one of the most accurate predictors of job success:

2Xmore than personal interviews
3Xmore than experience
4Xmore than education

In fact aptitude, orderliness and industriousness are by far the top three predictors of job success.

So that’s what we invest in assessing.

The Win – Closing, Motivating, Retaining

Salary guides are worse than useless. They guide you to a mediocre compensation package/personality mismatch. Some roles require a risk taker for success and others require a risk averse for success. The ends of the spectrum are equally valuable but must be treated differently to get the most out of people. Spend your money on what matters.

Compensation drive behaviour:

  • Be deliberate to drive the behaviour you want
  • Ensure consistency among role, candidate and package
  • Spend money only on perks & benefits your candidate values
  • Align interests, drive outcomes and pay market while containing costs

Design your outcomes.

If you would like to know more, please call us.

Tax Hunt. Be Deliberate.