Advisor Hunt

Making Advisors Wealthy

Satisfied clients drive advisor career wealth, leveraged by dealer strength, practice growth and an optimal succession.

Ready to maximize your career wealth?

Advisor Hunt. Be Deliberate.


To grow advisor wealth by providing access to and facilitating value-creating partnerships and deals.

  • For established Financial Advisors
  • Advisor and book transitions
  • Maximize career wealth
  • Discrete processes
  • Across Canada

Advisor Hunt

The evolving financial services industry offers great opportunity to established advisors. Demands for differentiation, strong results and extra services provide advisors across the full industry spectrum the ability to leverage competitive advantages well beyond the standard fare.

From superior dealers that differentiate and provide a first class client experience, to optimal successions driven by client satisfaction and retention, there are material opportunities for established financial advisors to grow their career wealth.

Advisor Hunt. Be Deliberate.

The Evolving Industry


Self-serve, commoditization

Better-informed investors

AI / Robo client cannibalization

Growth of mega teams

Margin squeeze via technology


  • Value-added, differentiation
  • Better-equipped advisors
  • AI / Robo enhanced relationships
  • Growth of premium services
  • Margin growth via value added

Advisor Hunt is for Financial Advisors. We hunt for established advisors seeking to maximize their career wealth.


Career Progression Advisors

  • Advisors seeking differentiation
  • Advisors fearing commoditization
  • Advisors fearing Robo / AI
  • Advisors frustrated with compliance
  • Advisors tired of ‘just OK’
Advisors seeking better


Buying Advisors

  • Entrepreneurial
  • Growth mindset
  • Ability to rapidly scale
  • Bankable
  • Supportive dealer and systems
Advisors seeking growth

Selling Advisors

  • Advisors with no succession plan
  • Advisors unsure of best approach
  • Advisors seeking alternatives
  • Advisors wanting a better deal
  • Advisors wanting help
Advisors seeking succession


Making Advisors Wealthy

As the financial services industry continues to consolidate, commoditize and digitize, we ask ourselves:

  • Does my dealer differentiate me?
  • Does my dealer increase my competitiveness?
  • Does my dealer minimize my admin and compliance burden?

The most important career decision next to becoming an advisor is dealer choice.
Be Deliberate.

Our Dealer Shelf includes dealers that provide ways for advisors to differentiate, that provide access to non-commoditized investments, that deliver a superior client experience through advanced technology and unique resources, or are otherwise positioned to maximize advisor career wealth. We are deliberate in supporting dealers that have a compelling story and are set up to thrive and build wealth in the evolving financial services industry.

Advisor career wealth is greatly influenced by dealer strength. In fact the most important career decision next to becoming an advisor is dealer choice.

Advisor Hunt. Be Deliberate.


Making Advisors Wealthy

We match selling advisors with established buying advisors who are not only a match in investment style, but who are also qualified to acquire and retain important relationships, often decades in the making.

We employ a deal process called Targeted Solicitation, the transaction model used by the world’s leading investment banks when selling important businesses and assets.

An optimal succession retains satisfied clients while growing the wealth of both selling and buying advisors.

Advisor Hunt. Be Deliberate.

An optimal succession retains satisfied clients while growing the wealth of both selling and buying advisors.
Be Deliberate.

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Advisor Hunt. Be Deliberate.