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Financial Executive Search

Need a CFO, VP Finance, or other senior financial talent? We have the seniority and network to find and attract the right talent.

We have successfully recruited Presidents, CFOs, VP Finance as well as accounting and consulting Partners across Canada. Call us to have a confidential discussion about your key-role requirements.

Finance & Accounting Search

Looking for a top professional in any financial field such as reporting, consolidation, planning & analysis, audit, M&A, deal advisory, valuations, insolvency, treasury, tax or anything else related to the CFO?

Call us and put us to work for you. Our search methodologies are underscored by our extensive proprietary database which we have built the old-fashioned way—one contact at a time. Put us to work on your staffing needs.

Board of Directors Search

Need financial and highly analytical talent on your Board? Tap into our network of Senior Financial Talent to complement your Board of Directors.

Senior Interim Search

Get some relief! Fill your position temporarily and give yourself the time to find the right long-term solution.