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Finance recruitment
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Corporations across multiple industries and their financial management seek our expertise in headhunting key members of their teams. We work for global manufacturers with 80,000 employees to local firms with teams of less than 10.

Accounting & Advisory Firms

Partners and HR professionals in accounting firms appreciate our ability to identify candidates with the exact skill set they are looking for. We have successfully recruited all levels from new CAs and consultants to Partners.

Banking and Investment Banking

Bankers with business insights and marketing abilities are in constant demand. As the industry evolves and grows we have the network and reach to recruit from Analyst to Managing Director.

Management Consulting

Consulting firms need highly analytical and energized employees who can maintain a grueling pace both intellectually and physically. We’ve done those roles. We can identify with those candidates.

Board of Directors

In this world of rapidly changing technologies and global shifts, today’s boards require highly analytical and capable business minds. Talk to us about how our own analytical capabilities and network of top-tier financial talent can add value to your board, your company and your shareholders.