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Jacobsen Partners focuses on positions for experienced financial talent. We recruit across the levels from CFO and VP Finance to Manager and Analyst. We recruit experienced professionals in areas such as M&A and deal support, treasury, valuations, insolvency, forensics, audit and tax. This is our mandate.

Working with Jacobsen Partners

When we are talking to you as an experienced candidate we want to fully understand not only your areas of expertise but also your soft skills and your career aspirations. We need to get to know you to ensure a good fit with any prospective employer. It’s your career. This part is all about you.

Working with a Search Firm

Understand how it works before you get started and before you send your resume out. Here’s some great information and tips to help you manage your career.

Resume Tips

Besides working with us, your resume is one of the tools to get you in the door to interview. Keep it concise and relevant. Here are some tips to help you.
Sample Resume

Interview Tips

Even experienced candidates can use a refresher on conducting a successful interview! Here are some of our best pointers to help you land that great job.


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