At Jacobsen Partners
we walk in your shoes.
we act like we are
part of your firm.

Understanding your needs

At Jacobsen we spend a lot of time getting to know each client’s business and the details of the position to fill. This in-depth understanding pays off in better candidate attraction, selection and fit.

Headhunting candidates

Our strength is knowing where to find the best candidates and working tirelessly to recruit them. Headhunting is key because the best candidates usually aren’t looking for a job.

Assessing the FIT

Are you tired of candidates that don’t fit the profile? At Jacobsen, we strive to present only candidates that are close to the exact profile you are looking for. We don’t waste your time.

Ensuring closure

Candidates and employers often have concerns as the recruitment process comes to a close. We are experts at facilitating the negotiation process and reducing potential friction that could affect the relationship.

Integration and Retention

The first three months after a candidate is hired is a critical time when he or she is adapting to a new environment. We talk regularly with the new employee to help navigate the issues in the transition.

Near the end of the integration period we meet with both the client and the candidate to assess job fit, culture fit and long-term appropriateness of the match. We take fit and retention as seriously as you do!