quickly and reliably provide
the strongest candidates
who consistently
Contribute to our clients’ success.

Jacobsen Partners specializes in recruiting experienced financial talent and we focus on the speed and accuracy of the Candidate-Employer match. We are successful because we stick to our core values and attract likeminded clients and candidates.

Honest Dealings

We believe that successful and lasting relationships are built on respectful and straightforward dealings.


We deliver only quality candidates for each open position. We are a premium service firm.


We listen more than we talk. It’s your business and your staffing need. We talk — and act — once we’ve understood you. We do the same with candidates.


We are known for our creativity, flexibility and resourcefulness in successfully completing difficult-to-fill positions.

Working with Urgency

At Jacobsen, we share our client’s sense of urgency and are known for our ability to fill positions quickly and reliably while maintaining our standards of candidate quality.